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Apr. 25th, 2034 10:19 pm
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So. Icarus. Son of Dedalus.

He had a very good reason to fly so high, so close to the sun, you see. He was in love. He loved Phoebus Apollo, and wanted to just once get a chance to come close to him, now that he was free.

That didn't work out so well for him.

But Apollo had other ideas, rather than just let him die. Not even he had the ability to just heal him, but he could set his body on the path to healing, and give him the kind of long, long sleep that would give his body the time to recover.

It took a couple of millennia. And more. Apollo made sure he was taken care of, but not even the God of Prophecies could foretell exactly when he would wake.

So Icarus woke up alone. He was taught the language of the land where he woke up. He started to learn how he could fit into the twenty-first century society...

And then Apollo found him again.

Will the wing-shaped burn scars on Icarus's back hold him back? Will they let him fly by the side of his beloved?

Too soon to tell, still.

Please, if you are playing Apollo and are not the one for the main story line, Icarus might not be quite as amorous? For the most part, with new muses, I'd like to take things more or less from the top, when it comes to after-waking-up Icarus. Some of those might turn out shippy. Others might turn out different. Even if he starts out from the same place.
Thank you!
Inspired by this post.

More info on the main storyline. )
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You've reached Ike. Leave a message after the signal.

ooc: Messages, prompts, feedback, open to anything.


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